EN 16636 Certification – Management services and control of infestations

Disinfection serves to destroy pathogenic germs spread out in the environment, in systems, and in the equipment, and so to distance the danger of contracting potential infections.

EN 16636 Standard

Published in March 2015, the UNI EN 16636 standard defines a singular method for the management and control of infestations and the competencies required of professional suppliers of these services (commonly called Pest Management), in order to safeguard public health, assets and animals, the environment and, in particular, food products.

The standard is applied by those businesses that provide the service of Pest Management, including an initial evaluation, recommendations to be left with the client following the intervention, the successive execution of the control procedures, and the definitive prevention.

It is NOT applied to:

  • the protection of cultures;
  • routine cleaning and disinfection in association with regular cleaning services contracts.


The advantages

UNI EN 16636 grants client companies a qualified and certified service, making it possible to obtain the following advantages:

  • increase in the stakeholders’ trust;
  • improvement of the company’s image;
  • acquisition of a rewarding element in tenders;
  • acquisition of a reference appreciated by the companies operating in the “food” sector in that the certifications provide a further guarantee of the supplier’s capacity to perform a service in conformity with applicable laws.

The possession of a certificate in keeping with this standard can be included in the public tenders as required for those companies that carry out pest management services.


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