Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (abbreviated as EMC) is the branch of electric engineering that studies the involuntary generation , the propagation and the reception of electromagnetic energy that may cause undesired effects, like the electromagnetic interference (EMI) or damage to devices. The objective is the correct functioning of the various equipment in a common electromagnetic environment.

The purpose of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests is to verify the suitability of a device to function in its own electromagnetic environment satisfactorily without deterioration in the presence of an electromagnetic disturbance and without producing unacceptable electromagnetic disturbances in other devices in the same environment.

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

This consists in verifying that the disturbances emitted by the device being tested are lower than the limits set by the regulations applicable to the product itself. The purpose of this type of test is to avoid disturbing other devices or interfering in radio communications in the assigned bands.

EMI (Electromagnetic Immunity)

This consists in verifying that the disturbances generated by the devices operating in the vicinity do not compromise the correct functioning of the device being tested.

The EMC Laboratory

The qualified and ISO 17025 accredited ECO Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratories have available the necessary instrumentation for carrying out a vast range of electromagnetic compatibility tests and verifications in compliance with the harmonised regulations to meet the conformity requirements of the new Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive – EMC 2014/30/EU – and apply the CE Mark onto the electric device tested.

All the instrumentation used is subject to periodic calibration and can be referred to samples recognised on a national level in conformity with the standard ISO 17025.

  • Radiated emissions Testson commercial, professional, medical or telecommunications equipment.
  • Radiated immunity tests on commercial, professional, medical, or telecommunications equipment.
  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields– Measurement of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on appliances, lighting apparatus, Radio, IT, Audio & Video devices.

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