The Consolidated Act on occupational health and safety ( Lgs. Decree 81/2008) prescribes that the Employer of a company is obliged (Art. 71, paragraph 1) to make available to workers equipment in conformity with the safety requirements laid out in Article 70 of the same decree, “suitable for the health and safety purposes and adequate for the work to be carried out or adapted to these purposes, which must be used in conformity with the legislative provisions absorbed from Community Directives

Who can carry out the periodic controls on working equipment

The periodic verifications on working equipment are regulated by Art. 71 of the Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and are the direct responsibility of the employers, who will be able to contact not only Public Agencies (INAIL-National Institute for Insurance against Accidents in the Workplace/ASL- Local Health Authority) for the controls of their equipment, but also qualified Private Subjects.

The list of the machines subject to controls can be found in Annex VII of the Italian Lgs. Decree 81/08.

Employer’s Obligations

The employer is responsible for the controls of working equipment and must therefore:

  1. Upon acquisition, declare the equipment to INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) through the specific CIVA portal for the issuing of the registration;
  2. At the first deadline, request, through the CIVA portal the first of the periodic controls by entering the name of ECO – European Certifying Organization SPA in the request form;
  3. Upon passing of the successive deadline, contact ECO Certificazioni directly for routine controls.

ECO Certificazioni – one of the leading private companies to obtain qualification from the Italian Ministry of Labour to carry out periodic controls on equipment – is capable of guiding and assisting the employer in fulfilling legal obligations, providing required controls in compliance with laws and deadlines currently in force.

ECO also provides their clients, free of charge, an online management portal to monitor the deadlines and to check the status of the documentation relative to their equipment.


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