Adventure Parks

Adventure parks are trails dedicated to children and adolescents and must be designed and constructed according to precise safety criteria; like standard UNI EN 15567-2:2015:

Adventure Park safety tests

The controls to be carried out on the adventure parks, the methods, the time frame and the types of controls are governed by the UNI EN 15567-2:2015 standard, drafted for the first time in 2008 and then updated in 2015.

These parks, precisely because they consist of trails suspended on trees or Tibetan bridges using metallic cables, hooks, wooden beams, and pulleys, must be subjected to periodic maintenance aimed at verifying the safety of these installations.

The inspection activities outlined by the UNI EN 15567-2:2015 standard include:

  • visual inspection: every day before opening the adventure park, the designated and adequately instructed personnel must carry out a visual control of the installations;
    first inspection: every 1-3 months, the designated personnel is responsible for drafting a report to signal any potential requests for extraordinary maintenance;
    • periodic inspection: one of the important modifications recently made in the new 2015 edition is that, every year, an inspection Body must carry out a complete inspection of the entire complex of installations in the adventure park:
    • inspection by the PPE inspector: every 12 months an inspector qualified to carry out an inspection of the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) must carry out a comprehensive control of the installations and update the Register.

ECO conducts periodic inspections on the site where the adventure park is installed and annual inspections with an inspector qualified for the control of PPE, to ascertain the status of preservation and potential wear to guarantee continued safety.

The activities to control compliance with safety criteria during the construction of the installation are carried out according to:

  • the European standard EN 15567-1 – Construction and safety requirements
  • standard ASTM F2959 – Standard Practice for Aerial Adventure Courses
  • standard EN 12572 – Artificial climbing structures

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