Testing Activity Management for homologation of vehicles

ECO Certificazioni, through its own laboratory in Padua (Italy) and a network of partner laboratories, is capable of offering a complete package of all the tests and verifications necessary to attain European approval. It can also offer specific expertise in the defining of Conformity of Production verification plans (CoP). In particular, as of today Eco addresses builders of Category L vehicles with the possibility of directly offering various EU 5 emissions tests in its own laboratory, equipped with both an emissions bench and the SHED chamber (Diurnal and hot soak), to fulfil all the requirements of the 168/2013 regulation approval. Beginning this year, Eco will be an official partner of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Racetrack in Imola.

In terms of vehicle approval, and also as a reference to development, the racetrack will be qualified and upgraded as a specific laboratory.

This is why we will be able to offer our expertise and services, as well as individual specific professional activity, to all:

  • Automobile drivers;
  • Motorcyclists;
  • Vehicle and Component Producers.

All the tests that will be conducted will be certified by third parties and will be able to be focused on both the specific vehicle component in question and on the methodology for controlling the lifespan of the component itself.

These tests are constantly updated to keep up with the technological progress made in the means of transport; they require a high level of professionalism and cutting-edge instrumentation that ECO Certificazioni already has autonomously available and that the agreement with the Imola Racetrack will boost to a level of excellence.

Hybrid and electric vehicles and those equipped with level 2, 3, 4, and 5 independent drive are evolving radically: ECO Certificazioni is ready for the specific tests, in such a way as to contribute to the development and marketing of these vehicles, for an improved quality of the environment and mobility that is aware of the present and the future.

The vehicle approval tests conducted will be valid throughout the territory of the European Union, with no specific nationalisation necessary. ECO Certificazioni is also recognised as a technical Agency for other EXTRA EU regulations that enable the client to sell products that already conform to specific standards in other markets.


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