The Italian Presidential Decree 162 of 30 April 1999 and successive modifications and amendments defined as the “Regulation laying out the enactment of Directive 2014/33/EU on lifts and the simplification of the procedures for the granting of the authorisation for lifts and freight elevators, as well as the relative operating license” deals with all the aspects linked to lift safety. On one hand, it outlines the essential safety requirements and the methods of evaluating the conformity of the product before it can be marketed. On the other hand, it lays out and regulates the maintenance activities and periodic controls that ensure the functionality of the installation is preserved. RECIPIENTS OF THE OBLIGATION The manufacturer of the safety components or his/her subcontractor and the installer of the lift must subject their products to a conformity evaluation. The owner of the lift or his/her legal representative (for example, the administrator of the condominium) are responsible for subjecting the lift to periodic controls every two years and, in some cases, subjecting them to extraordinary controls.

ECO Certificazioni is Notified Body n. 0714 pursuant to Presidential Decree 162/99 and successive modifications and amendments for the conformity evaluations as outlined in the Annex V or VIII of Directive 2014/33/EU regarding the audits, as an accredited “type A” inspection body for the periodic controls on lifts and for the certification activities of the lift installations for the purpose of fulfilling the preventative agreement for reduced overhead and/or pit clearance in refuge spacing.

Periodicity of Controls

The periodic controls for lift safety must be carried out every two years.

Italian Presidential Decree 162/99 also establishes the obligation to carry out an extraordinary control when the installation undergoes modifications that do not fall under routine or extraordinary maintenance, for example, changing the speed, the load capacity, the course, the type of activation, the replacement of the machinery, the electrical panel, the floor doors and other main components. Other reasons for carrying out extraordinary controls are: when the communications of the commissioning of the lifts, freight elevators, and lifting devices are delivered to the town offices after the term of sixty days from the date of the declaration of conformity of the installation in the presence of negative results of the previous periodic control or incident of notable importance, even if not resulting in injuries.

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