Tests on materials

Thanks to a network of accredited laboratories that are equipped with cutting edge equipment, ECO carries out tests on materials. Accurate analysis on multiple types of materials offer the client the necessary technical support in interpreting the data in order to identify the most precise results. The tests are conducted by professionals with years of experience to assist the client in searching for the causes or origins of the defect or breakdowns that can be verified in various phases of the life cycle of an asset: from the prototyping, to the pre-series, to the unfortunate breakdown during operation.

The tests conducted in the laboratories can be divided into:

Non-destructive tests

Non-destructive tests (NDT) can be applied when it is necessary to control a component without interfering even minimally with the same. These are used in the control of the finished product or in pre-production tests, to avoid subjecting pieces or materials that present defects to further production processes. They can also be used in line controls, for example, downstream of a process that presents risks for the integrity of the materials. Different NDT technologies can be applied to metallic and non-metallic materials and composites.

  • Industrial Computed Tomography (CT): (Industrial CT X-Ray scan): a cutting-edge method that makes it possible to obtain 3D virtual images of the component analysed, comprehensive of all the internal and external defects and geometries, with micrometric definition and precision.
  • Dimensional controls: the various phases of a life cycle of a component are analysed, from traditional dimensional reliefs to the 3D scanning of the components (both optical and tomographic), from the verification of the first product to the validation of moulds, from the CAD comparison to reverse engineering to move onto the planning and execution of measuring plans, the drafting of dimensional control procedures, and even to the statistical analysis of process and statistical monitoring of measurement systems.
  • Surface methods: Visual Inspection (VT), Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Liquid Penetrating (PT), Magnetic-Particle Inspection (MT), Thermographic Inspection (TT).
  • Volumetric methods: Ultrasound (UT), Radiography (RT)

Destructive tests

These tests call for the cutting and preparation of metallographic samples and test tubes, and even when it is not necessary to take a test sample, the original conditions of the sample tested are altered, so generally the sample can no longer be used after testing.

  • Analysis of non-metallic materials (ex. polymers, composite materials, adhesives)
  • Analysis on metallic materials

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