Technical inspections conducted by ECO Certificazioni reveal the presence of any damaged parts or deformations in the entire structure and verify its safety, ensuring a significant reduction of risks and safer warehouse operations.

As a result of repeated seismic events, it is important to carry out specific analyses according to the requirements of the UNI/TS 11379 standard “Metal shelving. Design of shelves for static pallet storage under seismic loads” in order to verify, through an FEM analysis, whether the existing shelving is up to date and suggest actions to render it adequate if necessary.

Furthermore, Annex IV point 1.1.3. of the Consolidated Law on Safety (Leg. Dec. 81/08) lays out the obligation to indicate the maximum permissible loads in workplaces used for storage. Specifically, the UNI EN 15635 norm “Steel static storage systems. Use and maintenance of storage equipment” obliges the user of the storage equipment to request and carry out an annual inspection of the equipment by a qualified expert.

Regulatory references

  • EN 15635 and Leg. Dec. 81/08 Periodic verification of the state of conservation.
  • EN 15512 and Eurocode 3 Resistance check of existing shelving.
  • EN 15512 Verification of the correct sizing of new shelves.
  • EN 15620 and EN 15635 Verification of new shelving at the end of assembly.
  • UNI/TS 11379 Design of metal shelving under seismic loads.

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