Mechanical Products: Mechanical Safety Testing

The Mechanical Safety Certification, issued following a careful risk analysis and the application of safety regulations, is necessary to ensure that the machines are safe even after prolonged use or if they are subject to incorrect but reasonably foreseeable use.

ECO Certificazioni analyzes the technical documentation of the product in order to verify its effective compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Certification. ECO Certificazioni’s accredited laboratories perform these tests, among others:

  • Resistance to breaking and pulling
  • Bending tests
  • Tests in conditions of incorrect use of the product
  • Mechanical shock
  • Stability and fall tests
  • Fatigue tests
  • HIC measurement for shock-absorbing surfaces
  • Life cycles

If required, ECO can conduct an Audit at the Manufacturer’s facilities to evaluate the production system and the company’s ability to offer repetitive series production as compared to the sample being tested.

These activities allow for the release of the final report and the Certification with the possibility of using the ECO Certificazioni brand.

Among the products that are most frequently tested:

  • Outdoor/indoor furniture
  • Car accessories (bicycle carriers, ski racks, roof boxes, etc.)
  • Bicycle accessories (child seats, etc.)
  • Sports equipment
  • Fitness equipment
  • Playgrounds
  • Street furniture
  • Scaffolding
  • Kiddie Rides

For manufacturers and distributors, these days proposing certified products proves to be a winning choice.


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