Installed Playgrounds

ECO performs conformity checks on the playgrounds installed in parks and relevant play areas and guarantees full compliance with the safety requirements prescribed by the EN 1176 standard, from production to installation, through inspections and checks of playgrounds and equipment in schools, preschools, and public and private facilities.

Every year many accidents occur on playgrounds and play area equipment. This can be attributed, on one hand, to the instinct of discovery and challenge that characterizes children’s psychomotor development, and on the other hand, to equipment that’s lacking precautionary safety features or is inadequately checked and maintained.

Once possible defects have been identified, the ECO Certificazioni technicians provide concrete solutions to remove any hazards, and offer suggestions on the proper maintenance of the play equipment.

The ECO brand on a product is synonymous with safety, professionalism, impartiality and indicates controls by qualified professionals, thus ensuring greater reliability than self-certifications.

ECO has been operating in the amusement park and recreation sector for many years and is known and respected both in Italy and abroad for the verification of amusement and water park rides and playground equipment.

ECO’s activities include verifying the site where the playground is installed, in order to ascertain its safety and reliability during use. The tests that can be conducted include the following:

  • Tests of entrapment
  • Fall spaces
  • Tests in conditions of incorrect use of the product
  • Open spaces
  • Stability or structural integrity tests
  • HIC measurement for shock-absorbing surfaces

At the end of the tests, a thorough analysis of the construction characteristics, the technical file and technical drawings is carried out, along with an analysis of the accompanying product documentation.

ECO sees to issuing the final report and sharing its contents.


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