The entire welding production process must be controlled, beginning with the arrival of the material in the workshop, to guarantee the quality level required for welded products and to optimise manufacturing costs

Field of application of the ISO 3834 standard

The EN ISO 3834 standard “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials” is a standard which defines the guidelines for establishing the quality requirements for the correct management of the manufacturing process, both in the workshop and on the construction site, of any type of fusion welding construction.

The ISO 3834 standard defines the requirements that manufacturers must satisfy in order to operate in compliance with the criteria of good manufacturing practise. Taking into account different factors that may influence the quality, the manufacturer must implement a management system according to the indications outlined in standard ISO 3834.

Overlapping law

This law overlaps different production contexts and finds its most correct application in combination with multiple product laws in which it is referenced. These include:

  • EN 15085 for the railway rolling stock sector
  • EN 1090 for civil metallic structures
  • EN 13445 for pressurised equipment


  • for defining the welding requirements as guidelines for the control/qualification of the suppliers of welded products
  • for manufacturers in the defining and maintenance of welding quality requirements
  • for the technical committees, it becomes a point of reference in the organisation of building codes and other standards of application
  • in Quality management systems: as guidelines for the management of the “special welding process”; like integration of the ISO 9001 standard
  • in the field of the European directives (PED, CPD, Simple Vessels)

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