Second-Party Audits

ECO CERTIFICAZIONI, Italian leader in product and workplace compliance services, offers training projects, first and second-party audits towards multi-site realities and / or with multiple on-site and / or outsourced activities. In collaboration with: HSEinRete: network of professionals located throughout the country who decide to collaborate with each other.


Second-party audits refer to those audits that go beyond third-party company certifications (e.g., 9001, 14001, 45001, etc.)..


  1. to help companies reduce risks in the regulated area;
  2. to monitor compliance with the requirements imposed on suppliers and / or companies in their network or corporate group.

The ADVANTAGES of outsourcing the service are:

  1. minimum commitment of resources by the company: project and documentation can be outsourced;
  2. reduced costs: clear and quantifiable expenditure items in man / days, both for management and coordination and for the execution of audits.


  • SUPPLY CHAIN ​​AUDIT: supply chain for Quality and / or Safety-Environment requirements;
  • RETAIL AUDIT: monitoring of retail chains, distributors, car dealers, etc.
  • COMPLIANCE AUDIT: monitoring of mandatory and possibly additional requirements requested by the parent company or by the client;
  • COVID-FREE AUDIT: specific for this for emergency iodo to verify compliance with the requirements of the protocols;
  • ON-SITE AUDIT: audit at construction sites at the request of the client according to the checklist defined by him;
  • STANDARD AUDIT: verification of compliance with the requirements defined by the manufacturers for dealers especially in the Auto sector;
  • CoP Control of Production: control of production according to legal requirements and / or the manufacturer / end customer;
  • MYSTERY CLIENT AUDIT: the famous audit simulating being a customer evaluating a service offered;
  • CSR AUDIT (social responsibility audit): verification of requirements defined by the customer in company policies and often requested by the supply chain;
  • 231 AUDIT: to support the ODV who must periodically monitor internal business processes.

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