Safe and Sporty driving courses – Mileage Accumulation Activity

In the process of designing and developing a vehicle, the experimental activities on the road play a fundamental role as a support for design choices and validation of the same. ECO Certifications, through a network of partner laboratories, offers all the tests and tests necessary for approval for the automotive sector.


Eco Certificationi is the official partner of the Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit in Imola.

The agreement provides for the establishment of safe driving courses dedicated to individuals as well as to companies: the best way to acquire all the knowledge to always travel in maximum safety, in traffic conditions or in specific work situations.

The training that ensures safe driving consists in reproducing specific behavioral situations on motor vehicles; in addition to these conditions, there are also targeted tests, carried out on specific circuits based on the needs requested by the customer, which also allow to evaluate the following aspects:

  • Identification and diagnosis of anomalies;
  • Wear measurement of components;
  • Objective measurements such as performance and fuel consumption, internal noise, stopping distances.


In the development of new vehicles, or in the validation of alternative components, the durability performances can be performed on cars, motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles, based on customer specifications or based on the needs of individual customers or other required characteristics.

The data acquisitions that we can perform during the test conditions for mileage accumulation allow us to detect information relating to:

  • Duration of chassis and engine / gearbox;
  • Fatigue test;
  • Tire analysis and wear test;
  • Summer Test;
  • Resolution test;
  • OBD monitoring.

During the duration tests, the data relating to:

  • Periodic check of the engine control unit;
  • Engine oil consumption;
  • Performance;
  • Temperature and pressure measurements;
  • Static inspections and dynamic checks;
  • Wear of tires, brake pads and discs;
  • Characteristic angles on the trim bench;
  • Clutch pedal, stroke and load relief;
  • Heights from the ground;
  • Subjective evaluation based on SAE scale (engine, gearbox).

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