ECO is European Technical Service Cat. B, C and D of the Republic of Cyprus.

Published: 17 Jan 2022

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ECO obtains the upgrade to European Technical Service also for the categories C and D from the Republic of Cyprus.

The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Cyprus has designated ECO Certificationi as European Technical Service for categories B (of which it was already in possession), C and D. An exclusive recognition that allows the company to carry out the European omologation of vehicles. Obtaining the Omologation Certificate is, in fact, the first step that a manufacturer must take in order to be able to place on the Community market its own vehicles.


Technical Services are divided into different categories based on the operations they carry out according to EU regulations 2018/858, 168/2013 and 167/2013 as well as UN document ECE/TRANS/WP.29/1059. The categories for which ECO Certificationi has obtained recognition are:

  • Category B: supervision of tests carried out in the manufacturer’s or third party’s establishments
  • Category C: inspections related to the compliance and monitoring of the manufacturer’s quality control system
  • Category D: inspection of the production sample or testing or monitoring thereof.


“We are very proud to have obtained this recognition, demonstrating the validity of our experience and technical expertise, resulting from the commitment we have put into all these years of activity.” – comments Serena Farina, president of ECO Certificationi, which continues – “Today the automotive industry is characterized by rapid technological progress and constant changes that ECO is able to follow with determination, establishing itself as the ideal partner to support the development of the automotive sector.”


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