ECO is an associate company of Valore D

Published: 15 Mar 2022

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We are proud to announce our entry into Valore D, the first business association that promotes gender balance and an inclusive culture for the growth of companies and the country.

As explained by our President, Serena Farina:

“I decided to join Valore D precisely because, in order to continue growing, we must have new motivations and the opportunity to interact with companies that are not in our sector, but with whom we share values and principles. At ECO we strongly believe that offering employees an inclusive, equal and heterogeneous work environment is the winning key to attracting and cultivating talent.”

In recent years, ECO has implemented several policies towards these values:

  • achievement of the corporate gender equality
  • promoting equal payment and the employment of managerial positions by women
  • offering the Summer Recreation Center and free after school to mothers and fathers of ECO.


It is important to point out that 50% of managers who have participated in mentorship programs of Valore D have had a career advancement within the 18 months and 87% of associated companies have activated corporate welfare plans. For 74% of them, Valore D was crucial to realize an inclusion plan.




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