Published: 17 Nov 2020

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The University of Ferrara, through an INAIL project, presented an operating manual for the acoustic and vibratory certification of machines.

The document aims to provide operational indications to designers and manufacturers of machines and equipment in order to obtain correct acoustic and vibratory certification. In this way it is possible to allow employers to choose the most suitable machines for their needs, taking into great consideration the possibility of reducing the risks of exposure to workers.

“The entire project” reads the INAIL document “was aimed at defining the most appropriate procedures and techniques to be used in the various areas, with the aim of reducing the risk of exposure to noise and vibrations for workers. The main sectors studied were the following:

  • acoustic design of industrial and non-industrial working environments;
  • acoustic and vibratory design of machines and equipment for agricultural use;
  • acoustic and vibratory certification of machines.

For each of the aforementioned sectors, one or more case studies were studied in which experiments, analyzes and simulations were performed. The examples described in the case studies made it possible to carry out specific insights and help to simplify the transfer of knowledge and the application of the procedures described in the manuals. “

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