Machinery Directive: updating of harmonized standards

Published: 27 Apr 2021

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The European Commission, with the EXECUTION DECISION (EU) 2021/377 of 2 March 2021 amending the Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/436, updates the list of standards harmonized with the Machinery Directive by repealing some standards, introducing and updating the edition of others.

In particular, emphasis is placed on the following changes:

  • EN ISO 13854: 2019 which replaces UNI EN 349: 2009
  • EN 62745: 2017 Relating to wireless controls for machines (cranes, baskets, various MEWPs) | New adoption
  • EN ISO 5010: 2019 Earth-moving machinery – Wheeled machines – Requirements for steering
  • EN 62841-4-1: 2020 Portable chain saws | New adoption

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