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4 Dec 2018
Misano Word Circuit

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The conference IMPRESA 4.0 IN PISTA will be held on December 4, 2018 in the beautiful setting of the Misano Word Circuit.

An afternoon of useful and high-level information on the subject, during which it will be possible to meet those who work daily from a documentary, technical and financial point of view with large organizations that have relied on experts to develop important projects in a 4.0 perspective.

The National Business Plan 4.0 (formerly Industry 4.0) is an opportunity for all companies that want to seize the opportunities associated with the 4th industrial revolution.

The National Business Plan 4.0, whose concessions were approved with the 2017 Budget Law, provides for a series of tax incentives for companies that invest in technology and digitalization. The 2018 budget law extends the period of application to investments in new capital goods made by 31 December 2019, provided that 20% of the order has been paid by 31 December 2018.

The Plan provides concrete measures based on three main guidelines:

  • operate in a logic of technological neutrality
  • intervene with horizontal and not vertical or sectoral actions
  • act on enabling factors

The meeting will be coordinated by ECO Certificazioni and GrowUp.

A FREE guided tour of the racetrack.

In the first part of the afternoon, the ECO experts will talk about the importance of preparing adequate documentation and the technologies that make it possible to obtain subsidies; in the second half of the meeting, the consultants of Esclamativa, a consulting firm specializing in subsidized finance, will illustrate the characteristics of the incentives of the Business Plan 4.0 and the requisites necessary to benefit from them.

At the end, a rich aperitif will be offered to all participants.

The meeting is FREE upon registration.


  • Registration and VISIT AUTODROMO (2.00 pm)
  • Enabling technologies and technical documentation (15.00)
  • National Business Plan 4.0 – what concessions for companies (16.15)
  • Refreshments and Networking (17.30)

INFO&Registration | | t. 0541 727159 | t. 0522 548905

Entries will be accepted in order of arrival by 3 December 2018.


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