Importanti cambiamenti nell’ambito delle verifiche di Messa a Terra (DPR 462/01)

Pubblicata il:20 Mar 2020

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On 26/02/2020 the Milleproroghe decree (Decree Law 162/2019) was approved in the Senate, which introduces important changes in the field of Grounding checks (DPR 462/01).

Communication to INAIL

The decree establishes the obligation to declare to Inail the name of the Authorized Body in charge of verifying the system. (Download the form and see the list of Inail offices).

For more details, you can consult our FAQ.

New tariff

The Decree unambiguously and non-negotiable defines the applicable tariffs for the verification of earthing systems and protective devices against atmospheric discharges which must be applied by all authorized subjects.

The tariffs are defined by the ISPESL tariff of 2005.

In particular:

  • for earthing systems, the tariffs are determined according to the available power of the electrical system, which can be obtained from the energy supplier’s bill.
  • for lightning protection systems, the tariffs are determined according to the characteristics of the system (type of device and protected area).
  • for electrical systems in places with danger of explosion, the tariffs are determined by an assessment of the time commitment necessary for carrying out the verification.

Contribution to INAIL

The payment of a contribution to INAIL equal to 5% of the amount of the checks is foreseen, but it will be the responsibility of the Body to make this payment on behalf of the Employer. The contribution will go to cover INAIL’s commitment to set up and manage the computerized database.



The declaration of the plants to INAIL and the application of fixed and non-negotiable amounts will allow for greater control by the competent authorities of the actual safety conditions of the workers.

At a superficial glance, this change might seem like yet another provision that burdens employers with greater bureaucracy in the field of safety but, pausing to think about the different variables, one realizes that the definition of a fixed and equal amount for all the Persons in charge of the checks, puts the latter in the conditions to carry out in-depth inspections, focusing more on the quality of the service offered and on the professionalism of the inspectors, in order to better protect the health and safety of the workers.

To answer all questions and clarify the correct application of the new law, ECO Certificazioni has prepared a series of  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



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