SASO Conformity for Saudi Arabia

Knowledge of the technical requirements for an accurate risk analysis is essential in order to create products that comply with the regulations in effect in the target markets. Specifically, in accordance with the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investments (MoCI) decree, in order to be cleared through customs, all products destined for Saudi Arabia must be registered and accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), also known as SASO.

The certification attests the imported products’ compliance with the mandatory Saudi Arabian standards, with the primary aim of protecting consumer health, national security, public morality and preventing inferior quality goods from entering the country.

The certification regulates all the product categories with the following exceptions: medical devices, medicines, food and military supplies.

The following product categories are considered high risk:

  • Toys
  • Electrical/electronic products (electrical sockets, plugs and adapters, extensions, chargers, hair dryers, water heaters/boilers, space heating devices such as radiators, heaters, and the like)
  • Spare parts for cars (brake pads, oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters)
  • Tyres

There is a specific certification procedure for all of these products. Following the positive outcome of the product assessments, the physical inspection of the goods before shipment, and the receipt of the commercial invoice, ECO Certificazioni issues a Certificate of Conformity valid for clearing the goods through customs at the destination.

An electronic copy of the certificate and the inspection report is made available to the Saudi Customs Authority for consultation. An original copy of the CoC must be delivered to customs for clearance.

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