ISO 15085 – Welding in the railway sector

To guarantee the maximum safety of the railway rolling stock, the European Committee for Standardization has issued a technical standard for the engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of railway vehicles and their components, in relation to metallic welded ones: UNI EN 15085 – Railway application – Welding of railway vehicles and components

Welding in the railway sector is an important process for guaranteeing the safety of public transport. The EN ISO 15085 standard defines the quality criteria in order to meet the technical requirements of the welding.

The Standard calls for:

  • Minimum technical-organisational requirements of qualifications to be able to carry out or subcontract welding jobs in the railway sector;
  • Guidelines for the engineering, manufacturing, and non-destructive tests to be applied, for the auditing of the welded metallic components of railway vehicles.

In order to obtain EN ISO 15085 certification, it is necessary that the organisation have the following characteristics:

  • Welders qualified according to UNI EN ISO 9606-1 requirements
  • Welding process qualified according to UNI EN ISO 15614-1 requirements
  • Welding process coordinators qualified according to ISO 14731 requirements
  • Operators trained in non-destructive tests (NDT) and qualified according to ISO 9712 requirements
  • Application of ISO 3834 requirements

This certification is an element for guaranteeing quality, which is increasingly requested in EU and extra-EU territories for the acceptance of welding works on the market and in the railway industry.


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