Welders and Brazers are two highly-specialised professional figures with specific skills.

The Welder is the person who carries out a welding process by which the homogeneous materials are stably joined together through a fusion process, with or without the use of additional metals.

The Brazer is the person who manually carries out welding operations: he prepares the instruments, the material, and the pieces to be welded; carries out different types of welding, soldering, and brazing, uses the heating medium and ensures the introduction of the filler metal.

The new European standards require that the welders and brazers be also freelance professionals or tradesmen in possession of a special certificate: the license, that is issued pursuant to UNI EN ISO 9606:2013 for manual and semi-automatic welding processes, to UNI EN ISO 14732:2013 for mechanised and automatic welding processes and to UNI EN ISO 13585:2012 for strong brazing processes.


The standard UNI EN ISO 13585 is applied to the brazers and strong brazing operators and provides the requirements for the execution of the process, the test conditions, the qualifications, the acceptability criteria, and the fields of validity for the certification.

The welder and brazer qualification processes are intended to verify the abilities and the manual skills of the operator in order to certify them, according to the fields of validity outlined by law. Every welding or brazing process presents specific operating conditions that must be taken into consideration before the execution of the qualifying tests in order to avoid non-conformity and remain in the field of validity involved.


Brazer: a person who manually carries out the operation of brazing, guides the heating medium and ensures the introduction of the strong brazing filler metal.

Brazing operator: a person who prepares the joint and sets the equipment for brazing and therefore has a direct influence on the quality of the brazed joint.

The certification of the professional figure of the brazer guarantees competence in terms of reliability, ability and/or manual skills, in reference to the specific requirements of the applicable law.


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