Conformity to the NR Regulations for Brazil

Correct risk analysis is an essential component of every design and technical choice when constructing machinery and industrial plants. Knowledge of the technical requirements is therefore essential to create products that comply with the provisions in effect in the target markets. Manufacturers who wish to export their products to Brazil face a complicated compliance process when it comes to the Brazilian NR regulatory standards.

Exporting to Brazil: conformity with the NR certification

This is a legal instrument released by the Brazilian Ministry of Work and Employment, which regulates and provided indications on the mandatory procedures relative to safety and health in the workplace defining the minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents deriving from the use of machinery and industrial systems during their entire life cycle: from planning to scrapping.

The regulation is based on the fail-safe principle and therefore requires that a system triggers a safety status when a component correlated with safety malfunctions or breaks down.

Conformity test

The certification test of the product before being commissioned in Brazil takes place under the responsibility of a professional technical figure registered with the Brazilian Regional Council of Engineering, Agriculture, and Agronomy (CREA), which inspects the equipment, issuing and recording the Annotation of Technical Responsibility (ART).

Pre-compliance in Italy

ECO Certificazioni carries out a pre-compliance procedure to verify the conformity of products with specified technical requirements before shipping it and assists the manufacturer in dealing with local authorities.

Brazilian Regulatory Standards

  • NR1 – General Provisions
  • NR2 – Prior Inspection
  • NR3 – Embargo and Prohibition
  • NR4 – Specialized Services in Occupational Health and Safety (SESMT)
  • NR5 – Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA)
  • NR6 – Personal Protective Equipment
  • NR7 – Occupational Health Examination Programs – PCMSO
  • NR8 – Buildings
  • NR9 – Environmental Risk Prevention Programs – PPRA
  • NR10 – Safety in Electrical Installations and Services
  • NR11 – Transportation, Movement, Storage and Handling of Materials
  • NR12 – Machinery and Work Equipment Safety
  • NR13 – Boilers and Pressure Vessels
  • NR14 – Furnaces
  • NR15 – Unhealthy Activities and Operations
  • NR16 – Hazardous Activities and Operations
  • NR17 – Ergonomics
  • NR18 – Working Conditions and Environment in Construction Industry (PCMAT)
  • NR19 – Explosives
  • NR20 – Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • NR21 – Open Air Work
  • NR22 – Occupational Health and Safety in Mining
  • NR23 – Fire Protection
  • NR24 – Sanitary and Comfort Conditions in the Workplace
  • NR25 – Industrial Waste
  • NR26 – Safety Signs
  • NR28 – Enforcement and Penalties
  • NR29 – Health and Safety at Docks
  • NR30 – Health and Safety at Water Transportation
  • NR31 – Health and Safety at Work in Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Logging and Aquaculture
  • NR32 – Health and Safety at Work in Health Services
  • NR33 – Working in Confined Spaces
  • NR34 – Working Conditions and Environment in Naval Construction and Repair Industry
  • NR35 – Working at Heights
  • NR36 – Health and Safety at Work in Slaughter Houses and Processing Meat and Derivatives

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